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This Site is an online marketplace that acts as a bridge between the companies that are involved in the business of distributing loans and users like you who are looking to borrow money.

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The Company does not lend money to anyone nor is involved in any direct financial transaction with you. Rather, the Company acts as a bridge that connects you with a network of independent third-party loan providers (hereinafter referred to as “Financial Service Providers”). When you register with the Company, You can be simply connected with the Financial Service Providers who offer short term loans anywhere between $100 to $1,000 (depending on the regulations in your state regarding loan caps and individual terms offered by lenders) and online personal loans up to $5,000. The choice of offering lending options to a consumer as well as the amount depends on the Financial Service Provider, and the Company has no role in it whatsoever. Also, not all Financial Service Providers may offer short term loans up to $1,000 or online personal loans up to $5,000 due to their lower financial capacities or other reasons that the Company has no control over. The Company does not make any offers or promises in this regard.

The Company gets its revenue from the advertising given by the Financial Services Provider. However, this does not mean that the Company patronizes the services of any Financial Service Provider. Moreover, the loan conditions offered by the Financial Service Providers who are listed on this Site may not always suit your requirements. If you are unsure about any aspect of the loan given by the Financial Service Provider, you may consult a professional before making your decision. The Company takes no responsibility towards the offer made by the Financial Service Providers, and there is no involvement of the Company whatsoever in these decisions. Furthermore, the Company has no role in determining how a Financial Service Provider may use the information given by you.

By continuing to use this Site, you are acknowledging that the Company is not liable for any damages or costs, financial or otherwise, incurred by you due to your transaction with any Financial Service Provider doing business with the Company. To register for the Company’s services, you must agree to these Terms of Use, Company’s Privacy Policy and Marketing Practices.

To use the services offered by the Company you have to register on the Site and provide personal, employment and other details that Financial Service Providers may warrant to make a decision on your loan request. When you submit these details, the Company will share the same with Financial Service Providers who are working with the Company. The sharing of your information and the manner in which it will be used are governed by the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Marketing Practices of the Company. When you register in this Site and provide your personal details, you are explicitly agreeing that you are requesting a connection with one of the Financial Service Providers who are registered with the Company. Based on the information provided in Your online form on the Site, any Financial Service Provider may reach out to you through email, post, telephone or through any other media now or in future with the intention to assist You in getting the loan You want or provide financial help, which is considered relevant regarding your present conditions. This same information (except for your SS number and banking details) may also be given to third-party marketing companies by the Financial Service Providers to offer you additional services or products that you may need.

By providing your personal details such as Your Social Security number and date of birth, you are authorizing the Financial Service Providers to use this information to do credit checks or background checks, as required by the operations and policies of each Financial Service Provider. The Company does not do these background or credit checks, and is in no way responsible for the outcome of these checks. Mind that some credit checks may influence your credit score.

The Company does not guarantee the availability of any loan product or service of any Financial Service Provider. The Company runs the Site and is not responsible for the information advertised by any Financial Service Provider. Nor do we guarantee that any product or service is ideal for you and that Your request for a credit will be satisfied or that You will get a loan offer of the amount that suits your request. The Company simply provides the connection with Financial Service Providers showing the information you submit in our online form without verifying the availability or details of any product or service offered by these Financial Service Providers.

If the loan offered by any Financial Service Provider connects with your need, then you can enter into a formal agreement with that Financial Service Provider. This agreement including its terms and conditions have nothing to do with the Company. In other words, the Financial Service Provider drafts the agreement, so it is your responsibility to go through the details and understand it before signing the agreement. The Company has nothing whatsoever to do with the agreement or the terms of any particular credit offer. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the agreement or any other aspect of the loan, you are requested to contact the Financial Service Provider directly to clarify your questions.

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